How To Clean Dolls And Doll Clothing

Non-collectible dollies, like those your kids pack everywhere, could be cleansed using water. A bit of dish detergent can help to remove grime and oils. Harsher cleansers are not recommended because they could fade out the flesh tone and painted facial features.

Clothing for most newer dolls are water washable. If you have several garments to clean, one could pop them in a lingerie bag and set the machine on the gentle cycle. Don’t use bleach or laundry detergents containing chlorine. The chemical slowly destroys the cloth and causes whitening. One should always hang dry fabric dolls and clothes. Dryers cause fading and shrinkage. Most clothes can be pressed on low utilizing only the tip of the iron. But a few items of clothing have plastic parts or fibers that melt. So, take a close, careful look at any article before you start.

Porcelain doll cleaning ways are close to those used in cleaning other pieces of porcelain. Check an unnoticeable section with a Q Tip saturated with water before starting. If paint comes off onto the Q Tip, do not clean. Take the item to a specialist. A porcelain doll’s hands and face can usually be cleaned with a damp cloth, a small amount of toothpaste or a little baking soda. A mixture of equal parts flour, vinegar, and salt could be used to clean brass buttons on shoes or other accents. Just apply the mixture evenly and wipe it away. Antique plastic or vinyl doll cleaning begins with cleaning your own hands with dish soap to remove oils that can eventually stain the fabric. The Liquid Glass found in auto parts businesses could be used to clean composition type dolls.

A gentle, bleach-free spray cleaner can be used to clean most other kinds. Be sure to not forget to test an unnoticeable area first to be positive the skin tone does not rub off. It works best to spray the cleanser on a paper towel to start with and then rub with the towel, rather than spraying the cleanser directly on the dolls.

In order to test antique clothing to see if it could be washed with water, dip a Q Tip in vinegar and touch an inner seam allowance of the clothing. If the vinegar causes a discoloration, you can’t use a water-based cleanser. You could utilize a foam carpet cleaner to brighten the colors and help remove dust.

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