Baby Alive Learns to Potty Doll Toy

Do you have a daughter who loves to make believe she is a mommy? Is it almost time to potty train your daughter as well? If so, then the Baby Alive Learns to Potty Doll may be the perfect gift for your daughter. The Baby Alive Learns to Potty Doll will not only allow your daughter to enjoy hours playing mommy to a life like doll but she will also learn the important lesson of going to the bathroom like a big girl.

The Baby Alive Learns to Potty Doll is an interactive doll that is designed to help teach your child about the importance of caring for others and responsibility. She comes complete with all the accessories your daughter could want including clothes, diapers, wipes, doll bottle, bowl, spoon, baby doll food, bib and of course her very own potty. Your daughter will love to care for her new Baby Alive Learns to Potty Doll which actually sleeps, eats, drinks from a bottle and of course go to the potty on her very own potty chair.

It’s a great tool to assist with toilet training as well. When Baby Alive has to tinkle she will tell your child. If your daughter does not take her to her to the bathroom in time she will have an accident. This is a great tool for teaching your daughter about potty training and listening to the needs of others. Not only will your daughter want to be a big girl like her doll and use the potty but she will learn an important lesson about the consequences of not making to the toilet in time when she sees her doll have an accident. This helps your daughter to subconsciously think about potty training without forcing her to do it.

Another great thing about Baby Alive is that it comes in all different skin colors so that your daughter can have a doll that looks just like her. This helps your daughter to form a deeper bond.

Help your child learn responsibility and teach her the importance of potty training with a Baby Alive Learns to Potty Doll. Your daughter will love to have her own baby to take care of and you will love how she helps you with the challenges of potty training.

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